Aquascape AquaForce 5200 pond Pump

This solids handling pond pump will send all of the sludge straight to the fish pond filter where it belongs!

No sponge required because its impeller is designed to cope with some pond sludge, so much less pond maintenance!

10 metres of electrical cable

The Aquaforce 5200 Pond Pump provides flow-rates up to 20000 litres per hour

7.3m max head height, which is the height at which this pump

318 watts which is quite energy efficient for a pump with this flow rate and head height.   This will save you hundreds of dollars in electricity per year compared to cheaper fish pond pumps

Ideal for use with fish ponds, external pressure filters, and waterfalls

The protective cage allows the pump to be placed directly into the pond

Comes complete with fittings for quick and easy installation

We recommend the use of 40mm hose for this pump

Weight 6 kg