Aquascape Prevent 1L refill bottle for automatic dosing systems

Aquascape Prevent for Fountains prevents unsightly fountain conditions to keep fountains looking clean and clear while reducing maintenance. The treatment uses a special blend of clarifiers to clear and prevent debris and white-scale buildup in the water and on the surface of the fountain, rocks, or gravel. The formulation also works to prevent stains, foam, and other unsightly water conditions.

Aquascape Prevent for Fountains is perfectly safe for birds or animals that may drink from the fountain such as livestock and dogs.

Prevent for Fountains is not safe for fountains containing fish. If you require a similar treatment that is safe for aquatic life you can check out Aquascape Clear for Ponds or Aquascape Maintain for Ponds

  • Keeps fountains looking clean and clear
  • Significantly reduces fountain maintenance
  • Clears and prevents debris and white-scale buildup
  • Prevents stains, foam, and other unsightly water conditions


If you do not have an Aquascape automatic dosing system you can find the manual pump top bottle of Aquascape Prevent HERE

For more info on Aquascapes liquid pond solutions you can check out their water treatment solution guide HERE

previously sold as soft pouches – these pouches have been discontinued and are now sold as recyclable bottles. Bottles will fit into any existing auto dose system.