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Aquasonic Para-Gone Antiparasitic Fish Treatment - 100 Tablets

PondMAX ClearMax 940mL

PondMAX ClearMax 940mL

Aquasonic Para-Gone Antiparasitic Fish Treatment - 300 Tablets

An effective and easy to use tablet treatment for the control of parasites in goldfish, tropical fish, koi, native fish and marine aquarium fish.


  • Fish Lice
  • Gill Flukes
  • Anchor Worms
  • Parasites

Use if fish are rubbing and scratching on objects.

Other bodily signs include red irritation, white spots, clamped fins and/or fish may look lethargic.

Does not treat bacterial and viral infections.

  • One tablet treats 40 Litres.
  • 300 tablets treat 12000 Litres.

Contact us if you are unsure if this treatment is right for your fish.

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