Fish require a constant supply of oxygen in the pond water for their health and well-being, especially for ponds with large fish or with many small fish. Oxygen also makes a biological filter work more efficiently, as it is used by the good bacteria in your filter.

This model allows for up to 1 outlet, pumping out 300 liters of air per hour. Within this box comes everything you will need for an easy set up including 1x 5cm air stones, 1x non-return valve, a large roll of clear airline tubing and of course, the pump!

Like all outdoor pond air pumps, we recommend that they be installed with some kind of weatherproof cover.  They will deal with a bit of rain no problems, but no pond air pump will like being in the rain

model: CAP-10

voltage: 220-240V/50Hz

power: 4W

max pressure: 0.016MPa

max output: 300L/H

cable length: 3m

Weight 1 kg


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