Aquascape Clear for Ponds aims to solve unsightly water conditions. This treatment contains a mix of clarifiers and phosphate binders to reduce cloudy/discoloured water, fine sludge and string algae.

Aquascape Clear for Ponds is perfectly safe for birds or animals that may drink from the fountain such as livestock and dogs. As well as aquatic life such as fish and tadpoles.

  • Features easy-to-use pump top bottle
  • Clears cloudy or discoloured water
  • Reduces debris that attaches to rocks and gravel
  • Contains a phosphate binder to prevent water quality issues
  • Safe for fish and plants

If you have an Aquascape automatic dosing system you can find the compatible bottle of Aquascape clear HERE

For more info on Aquascapes liquid pond solutions you can check out their water treatment solution guide HERE