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Ardex WPM 300 fish pond sealer

ARDEX Hydrepoxy WPM 300 Pond Sealer Kit - Black - 4L

Liner for fish ponds 4.88m made by firestone

Fish pond liner 4.88 metres wide sold per lineal metre

Pond liner 3 metres wide sold per lineal metre

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Firestone EPDM fish pond liner 3 metres wide

Firestone EPDM rubber liner for ponds

EPDM rubber liner is the ONLY liner you should consider using for a fish pond.

It is UV stabilised, meaning that it is going to last 20+ years being exposed to sunlight.  We actually can't believe that other stores are selling PVC and HDPE liners, which will start degrading (and leaking!) after a couple of years.

We only use Firestone liner.   The quality is just way better than cheaper brands

The liner we sell is more than 1mm thick, so it's what all the quality landscapers use.  The last thing they want to be doing is dismantling a leaky pond after a couple of years!

Work out how much you require, taking into account the depth of the pond and any steps you might be making in each dimension (on both sides!)  and add about a metre in each dimension to allow for a bit of a flap that can be buried and neatly hidden away.

For this 3 metre piece of liner, please select how many lineal metres you would like.