The Fish Works Guide to Fish Feeding

Fish, like all animals, require a broad range of nutrients in their diet, to replicate their diet within the natural environment. Luckily for us, quality fish food manufacturers put most of these ingredients into their fish pellets, almost to a point where they spoil them fish rotten!

Ingredients such as Fish meal, Soy protein, Wheat flour, Shrimp meal, Squid meal, yeast, carotene (for colour) Spirulina, vitamins and minerals, these guys eat better than we do!

The only thing that we add occasionally to the fish's diet is a tiny bit of chopped leafy green vegetables about once a week, but this might only make up 5% of their feed. Occasionally we will throw in some meal worms or garden worms, which they seem to enjoy!  More recently, we have even been giving them dandelion leaves chopped up.  Dandelions are the original brassicas and are packed with anti-oxidants. 

Only ever feed fish what they will totally consume in about 2 minutes.

You will find that fish eat more in the warmer months when their metabolism speeds up and growth occurs.

If there is ever any fish food left over, remove it and feed them less next time.

If the fish ever lose their appetite unexpectedly, try to determine why. Test the water for pH and ammonia and have a close look for any signs of disease.

Feed your fish during daylight hours.