half punnet of baby sinking protein fish pellets

Sinking Koi and Goldfish Food 2-3mm Medium Pellets - Half Punnet

Pond One Fish and Tadpole Food Flakes - Small Tub

Pond One Fish and Tadpole Food Flakes - Small Tub

Fish Pond Basic Starter Kit - Food, Net, Water Testing, Water Additives RRP $63.75!

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Fish Pond Starter Kit - RRP $63.75!

A basic starter kit to get yourself up and running as a new pond fish owner!

We have included a fish net to catch your new fish and skim leaves and debris your pond. Food for your new fish and water additives to remove chlorine, test pH and add good bacteria to your pond water. Too easy!

  • 1 x 8inch/17.5cm Fish Net - suitable for small fish up to 15cm
  • 1 x PondOne Pond Fish & Tadpole Flakes - small tub
  • 1 x AquaOne Health+ Water Conditioner - 250ml
  • 1 x AquaOne Bio-Starter - 250ml
  • 1 x AquaOne pH Test Kit (does up to 60 tests)

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