Formalin fish medication

Aquasconic Formalin Malachite Solution in a versatile fish medication. Designed to combat various common koi diseases, including white spot disease, external parasites, fungal infections, and more. White spot disease is a prevalent ailment often introduced into ponds or aquariums with new fish or plants. It manifests as small white spots on the fish’s body, typically concentrated on the fins. If left untreated, it can prove fatal and is highly contagious.


To administer this medication effectively, the recommended dosage is 5ml per 20 liters of water. With repeat treatments every three days if necessary.

Do not use this product on fish intended for human consumption.  Before applying, ensure you remove all activated carbon from the filtration system, as it can absorb the medication and render it ineffective.

Plenty of aeration in the pond will help to achieve optimal results.  It’s essential to avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes, as the dark blue dye present in the solution can stain upon spills. By adhering to these guidelines, Aquasonic Formalin Malachite Solution provides a reliable means of combating common koi diseases and maintaining the health of your aquatic environment.


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