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Water conditioner or chlorine neutraliser 50 mL

Chlorine neutraliser (Water conditioner) 50 mL

aqua one chlorine neutraliser 250mL

Chlorine neutraliser (water conditioner) 250 mL

Hy Clor Phosphate Remover 1 Litre

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Hy Clor Phosphate Remover 1 Litre

Super concentrated formula, safe for fish.

Starves algae of the nutrients it requires to grow.

Removal of phosphates improves filtration, reduces chlorine consumption and creates an environment where algae will struggle to survive. 

Will treat 1PPM Phosphates in an approximately 50,000 fish pond.

we recommend buying a phosphate test kit and treat the phosphate once you know exactly what concentration you have in your pond.  Otherwise, you will be wasting this stuff!

If you keep on top of phosphates, often string algae will stop growing  

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