clearpond PH down 1kg

clearpond PH down 1kg

API pimafix antifungal remedy 237ml

API pimafix 237ml antifungal medicine for fish

pondmax ParaMax 470ml

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pondmax ParaMax 470ml

Pondmax ParaMax works as a strong preventative treatment without the need for removing filters, plants, or fish before treatments. 

Para max is a broad-spectrum treatment for a variety of fish related problems such as parasites and fungal infections such as ich, sporozoan parasites, dinoflagellate infections, and fungi.

can be used with snails/shrimp, Use if fish are scratching, flashing, jumping, or have a change in attitude. 

other signs include red irritation, white/red spots, clamped fins, not eating, lethargy, or a greyish film covering the body.

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