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1kg baby sinking protein fish pellets

Micro Sinking Koi and Goldfish Food 1-2mm Pellets 1kg

small sinking high protein fish pellets, bulk fish food

Sinking Koi and Goldfish Food 2-3mm Small Pellets - 2kg

Sinking Koi and Goldfish Food 2-3mm Small Pellets - 1kg

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2-3mm koi food feed once daily what fish eat in 3 mins

We sell quality ORCA brand pellets to ensure optimum fish health.

The koi and native fish just gobble up these pellets! They must taste good (for them anyways..)

2-3mm sinking high protein small pellet for small/medium koi and goldfish in warmer months and native fish all year.  The added protein helps young fish grow up quickly to their full potential.

High quality, high protein, won't cloud fish pond water.

Feed once daily what the fish will eat within 3minutes

Buy in bulk and save $.