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Fish pond solar lights set of 3

Fish pond solar lights x 3 with solar panel and battery

solar fish pond lights x 2

solar pond lights x 2 wth panel and battery

Solar air pump with battery back up (Pump not weather proof)

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Solar air pump with battery back up (Pump not weather proof)

Aquarium Oxygen Aerator, Pond Aerator, Air Pump, Fishing Aerator Aquarium Air pump with Airline Tubing and Air Stone. (pump not weather proof place under cover to protect it from the elements).

Solar oxygen pump with built-in a 1800mAh lithium battery for storing energy, thus the oxygen pump working in the night as well. Just put the solar panel in a sunny spot and it starts automatically. Suitable for a small to a medium-sized pond, outdoor fish tank or water reservoir, etc.

[Environment-friendly Solar Energy]The use of solar energy makes it environment-friendly, portable, and easy to install with no need for wiring, no operating cost, and maintenance-free, and solar power is much safer for your kid.
[Large Air Volume]Stable silent oxygen pump with less than 60 dB low noise and 1.4L/min air volume, suitable for 40-250L container.
[Battery Backup]Built in a 3.7V 1800mAh 18650 lithium battery pack for storing energy, thus the oxygen pump working in the night as well.
[Evenly Air Distribution]There are 3 working modes that can meet your different demands, and two airflow outlets make the air distribution more even and pervasive.
[Adjustable Angle]The solar panel angle can be adjusted to receive the sunlight most sufficiently. Perfect for bird baths, small pond, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen, etc.

Product Working mode:       
Pattern 1: high speed (green light normally on) working hours: 24 hours, flow: 1.3 L/min       
Pattern 2: low speed (blue light normally on) working hours: 48 hours, flow: 0.7 L/min       
Pattern 3: Low gear Open 10 seconds stop for 10 seconds (green and blue double color light normally on) working hours: 72 hours    

Material: ABS       
Solar panel:5W Polycrystalline solar panel included   
Battery:7.4V 2400mAH       
Product working voltage range:5.5V-8.4V       
Discharge protection voltage:5.5V       
Over charge protection voltage:8.4V    
Solar charge time: 8 hours         
Max. working current: 150MA (high grade); 100MA (low gear)       
Noise: 60dB       
Min. Air Flow: 1.4L/min       
Working Time: Approx. 24 hours       
Oxygen Hose Length: 200cm / 78.7in       
Air stone deepth: 100cm/39.37in       
Wire length: 3M / 118in    
Solar panel size: 27*18*2cm/10.62*7.08*0.78inch  
Pump  Size: Approx. 9.5*5.5*5cm

Package List:
1 * Solar Oxygen Pump       
1 * Package of Accessory       
2 * Air Stone       
1 * 2M Aquarium Oxygen Pipe       
1 * Manual (English)    

Note: This product is an electronic product. The oxygen-increasing device cannot be placed in water, and the diversion hole cannot be blocked.