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Water plants for sale at our Sydney shop

At The Fish Works, we have an extensive range of water plants for the outside fish pond.  Water plants can make the difference between a nice fish pond, and a beautiful one. 


Water plants don’t just look nice, they perform several functions that are beneficial to the health and well-being of your fish and the water quality of your fish pond.  After all, plants are a big part of any ecosystem, which is what we are trying to create.

Water plants utilise nutrients in the water for their growth, thereby taking some of the load off the filter. Excess nutrients in your pond can lead to poor fish health and problems such as algal blooms, which can turn your water cloudy or green.

Plants also provide cover for your fish from the harsh sun and birds such as kookaburras and cranes. Shade from the sun also lessens the chance of your pond having algal blooms.

They also make for an interesting environment for your fish, giving them an environment that is ever-changing to explore and find food within.  


When selecting fish pond plants, keep in mind the depth of your pond, the amount of sun it is receiving and the types of fish you have.  All plants that come out of the water, such as reeds, papyrus, irises and marginal plants require shallow water of around 20cm in depth.  If your pond is deeper than this, then you may need to prop up your plants on some bricks or rocks.


Water lilies like water to be at least 35cm and need lots of sun in the summer to flower well.


All our water plants come potted, and usually, you just plonk them into the water when you get them home.  We package all of our water plants in a tough plastic bag or waterproof box, so they will not leak in your car.


Lotus for sale sydney  

    Fish pond plants for sale Sydney

Water plants also attract insects, frogs and other wildlife, and are part of the ecosystem within your pond.

Water plants and Frogs at The Fish Works Sydney

Fish pond plants SydneyWater plants for sale Sydney

Water plants for sale Sydney

Oxygenating plants photosynthesise underwater and hence remove CO2 from the water, replacing it with dissolved oxygen.