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Firestone EPDM liner Patch repair kit

Firestone EPDM liner Patch repair kit

Maintain for Ponds - 236ml

Aquascape Maintain for Ponds - 236ml

Aquascape Biofalls 2500 fish pond filter/waterfall cannot be posted to P.O Boxes

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Biofalls2500 fish pond waterfall can't be posted to P.O Boxes

 (cannot be posted to P.O Boxes)

This Aquascape pond filter / waterfall features an optional reversible waterfall lip, offering the flexibility of creating a natural stone spillway with large accent boulders along the front of the unit.

The removable rock tray can hold rocks, water plants and gravel, helping to disguise the BioFalls Filter into the surrounding landscape whilst still for allowing ease of access during fish pond maintinance. Other features include corrosion resistant non-cross-threading hardware, dual Poly-Flo biological filter mats with inbuilt support rack to ensure evenly distributed water flow and filtration while the circular shape provides maximum strength while also makeing camouflaging the unit into the landscape easier.

Includes: - Removable rock tray

2 Poly-Flo ESA biological filter mats

Filter support rack - Patented non-cross threading screws 

Reversible waterfall lip

2 x Bulkhead Fittings Installation

Dimensions Waterfall Lip: 530mm Reversible Lip Rim of Mould: W 750mm x D 620mm Base of Mould: W 500mm x D 400mm Height of Mould: 550mm