The Aquascape IonGen System is an electronic water clarifier solution for fish ponds, Pondless Waterfalls and decorative water features. 

Aquascape IonGen has been field-tested for over 5 years and is simple to install, safe for fish (koi and natives), plants and humans and not toxic to any animals that may drink from or swim in the water feature.

Crystal clear pond water in fish ponds and formal water features.  

This system will control string algae and free-floating algae in any water feature very quickly.  It does this by putting trace amounts of copper into the water.

One unit treats ponds up to 100,000 litres and is fully adjustable to suit any body of water up to this size.

Works on Green Water AND String Algae!  

Includes Aquascape Alkalinity Test Kit and Copper Test kit

Simple installation to any water feature – place inline in existing plumbing or as easy as in the water flow of your pond.

The Aquascape IonGen system drastically reduces maintenance and provides crystal-clear water without chemicals.

Can be used on ponds with fish and plants
Suitable for swimming ponds

Replacement probes are available.


Weight 8 kg