Aquascape Large Pond Kit – 6.4m x 7.9m

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This Pond Kit includes:

Signature Series 1000 Pond Skimmer

Signature Series 6000 BioFalls® Filter, Rock Tray, and BioBalls Biological Filter Media

AquaSurge® 5000 Pond Pump – (20,000lph)

Flexible PVC Pipe – 50mm x 15m

Firestone EPDM Liner – 7.62m x 9.15m to build a pond 6m x 7.5m with a depth of 600mm

Non-Woven Geotextile Underlayment – 70m2

Pump Check Valve Assembly

Installation Kit

Silicone Sealant

EPDM Liner Patch

Pond and Waterfall Foam Sealant

Christy’s Red Hot Blue Glue

Garden and Pond LED Lighting Package

2 x 3-Watt LED Spotlights/p>

1 x 1-Watt LED Waterfall and Up Light

35-Watt Transformer

Weight 90 kg


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