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The Biological Filtration process

Biological filtration utilises good bacteria found naturally in every pond to convert toxic nutrients (Nitrites and Ammonia) to Nitrates, a nutrient low in toxicity which plants use for growth. This process is called nitrification. There are two types of bacteria responsible for this process, Nitrosomonas and nitrobacter. In most fishponds, there are not enough of these bacteria to keep up with the nutrients being released by the fish in the pond, so a simple way of increasing the quantity of beneficial bacterium has been found. Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter live on every surface of the pond, on the rocks, leaves, logs etc. So to increase the number of bacteria, we must provide them with a greater surface area to grow on. To achieve this, a filter box is constructed and filled with biological filter media. This filter media has a massive surface area to volume ratio, meaning that when water is pumped through the filter box, it goes past many billions of good bacteria, all converting the nutrients to safer forms.

Biological Filtration is The Fish Works area of expertise. We have built filters for literally hundreds of fish ponds in NSW, tailor made to achieve crystal clear water and a healthy environment for fish to live and thrive in.

We stock a wide range of biofilters for water features and fish ponds of all sizes.

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