We only sell quality koi fish food to ensure optimum fish health and water quality.

The koi just gobble up these pellets! They must taste good (for them anyways..)

ORCA brand 3-4mm premium floating fish food pellet suitable for medium/large goldfish and koi (approx 10cm+)

We have been using ORCA koi food for 30 years and it has served us well, growing fish with vibrant colours and strong immune systems

High quality, high protein, won’t cloud your pond water.

Feed once daily what the fish will eat within 2-3minutes.

If you feed fish more than what they need and fish food is left lying around, it will pollute the pond water, leading to algal issues and increased nutrients in the water.  This can lead to poor fish health outcomes, so just give them what they need 🙂


Weight 12 kg