Ideal for demanding filter systems used in large watercourses and waterfalls, while the 12 V version is perfect for swimming ponds and natural pools, even if they contain seawater!

  • Extreme performance with an energy-efficient pump capacity
  • Very high efficiency with excellent pump capacity for coarse debris particles up to 11 mm in size
  • Robust and durable stainless steel housing
  • Unique patented frost protection down to -20°C
  • Can be set up underwater & dry installed
  • Patented »Seasonal Flow Control« for intelligent and environmentally-conscious regulation of flow rate and delivery head
  • Innovative Environmental Function Control: Optimal device protection as the system shuts off automatically if it runs dry or if there’s a blockage
  • MADE IN GERMANY: precise and reliable German engineering skills at a particularly high-quality level
  • max flow rate 20000L
  • max head height 4.5m
  • warranty period 3 years + 2 years
  • 2inch inlet/outlet


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