Pond Air pump

Fish require a contant supply of oxygen in the pond water for their health and well-being, especially for ponds with large fish or with many small fish.

Oxygen also makes a biological filter work more efficiently, as it is used by the good bacteria in your filter.

This is a quality air pump for pond aeration, with a 3-year warranty.  We very rarely have these coming back and have told hundreds of them. Everything we sell has good warranty periods.

This model allows for up to 10 outlets, pumping out 2100 litres of air per hour

Like all outdoor pond air pumps, we recommend that they be installed with some kind of weatherproof cover.  They will deal with a bit of rain no problems, but no pond air pump will like being in the rain

Max pressure 0.024 MPa

Only 20 watts

Easy access air filter.  High-grade long life silicone parts

10 metre outdoor rated cable

3-year warranty

Weight 3.5 kg


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