Premium Pond Salt Bulk 20Kg

Pond salt is a great tool to have on hand when keeping ponds and/or fish. Salt has many beneficial qualities for our much-loved aquatic pets including:

  • Improving Fish Health: Salt can help to reduce stress and improve the overall health of your fish. It helps them to produce their protective slime coat, which acts as a barrier against parasites and pathogens.
  • Promoting Gill Function: Salt can improve the function of fish gills by reducing the osmotic stress on the fish. This can be particularly beneficial in ponds where there are fluctuations in water quality or salinity.
  • Controlling Parasites and Algae: Salt can help to control certain parasites and algae in the pond water, thereby improving water quality and reducing the risk of disease outbreaks. Salt can assist in treating certain illnesses such as ich (white spot disease) by disrupting the life cycle of parasites.


Pond Salt Bulk Dosage

Sydney tap and rainwater will have a salinity of 0.0ppm, we recommend keeping your pond at 0.1ppm. If you are adding new fish, notice any signs of illness or simply wish to boost their parasite protection and slime coat you can bump this up to 0.2ppm. We keep all of our ponds in-store at 0.2 ppm.

1kg of salt will raise 1000L of water to 0.1ppm. So for a 1000L pond, we recommend adding 1kg – 2kg of salt to reach a salinity of between 0.1 ppm – 0.2 ppm. So for a 10,000L pond you would be adding 10kg – 20kg of salt.  If you are unsure how much salt you should be adding to your pond or would like to check your current salinity feel free to get in contact with us or come down to the shop with a sample of your water for us to test!