Solar Air Pump

Oxygen is crucial to the health of your pond and pond fish, especially on those hot days when oxygen is quickly depleted. An air pump is a great tool to ensure your fish stay healthy and happy in your pond. And a solar air pump is perfect for providing peace of mind that, in the event of power loss, your pond will remain oxygenated – extending the time your fish will be okay without a working pump/filter.

1.4L/min Air Flow Rate
5W Solar Panel, 6V pump with 2400mAh Battery.
This pump has a battery backup, so will work well into the night Suitable for different types of water features such as small water displays, water features and fountains.
Highly efficient Quiet (Less than 60dB)
Easy to set up Comes with 3 different modes
Mode 1: High speed (24h), Air flow 1.3L/min, indicator is green
Mode 2: Low speed (48h), Air flow 0.7L/min. indicator is blue
Mode 3: Pumps air for 10 seconds then rests for 10 seconds (96h) Indicator is blue+green

Includes splitter suitable for 2 air stones


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