Solar Pond pump 1560L/hr

suitable for different types of water features such as small water displays, water feature urns and garden fish and koi ponds.

This is our largest capacity solar pump and has one large solar panel to charge up that battery!

1560L/hr with Backup Battery – 2 year Guarantee

What makes our solar water pumps different from our competitors, is that they come with a battery backup!  Super important, because without this, any partial shadow from clouds, trees, even walking past, will switch the pumps off!  On cloudy days, solar pumps without a battery backup simply will not work at all.  And that’s not fun for anyone

Many of our customers with fish like the added security of knowing that if there is a power blackout, their solar pump with the battery will continue to oxygenate the water all day and well into the night.  Crucial on those long hot summer days, as warmer water does not accept oxygen as quickly as colder water, which means that your fish can run into stress very quickly if there is no water flow

Weight 8 kg