Pond Care Melafix is a concentrated all-natural, antibacterial remedy for koi and goldfish diseases, including eye cloud, mouth fungus, fin & tail rot, damaged fins, ulcers, and open wounds.

Melafix should be used when adding new fish or if any symptoms of diseases occur. Pondcare Melafix is safe for snails and other invertebrates and will not harm aquatic plants, affect pH or cause strain to the pond’s natural biological filtration. Melafix can also be used when transporting fish as it eases the stress and risk of developing disease in transport.

Usage Instructions: Remove carbon from pond filter and turn off UV lights and ozone-producing units, if applicable. Add 15 ml for every 567.8L of pond water or 1/4 cup for every 2271.25L. As a preventive when introducing new fish to the pond, dose daily for 3 days. To treat infections or heal wounds: dose daily for 7 days.