The Aquagarden Mini Pond Kit is a compact, easy set-up water feature perfect for first-time pond keepers or those with limited time/space. Each kit comes fully equipped with an integrated waterfall, pump, and biological media to create a thriving biological filter. An LED light is fitted beneath the waterfall to illuminate the feature. This pond is perfect for use as a simple display fountain, plant/frog pond or even aquaponics. The top shelf of the pond is able to be planted out creating a miniature aquaponics system for some small fish.

The lower pond area holds 26L of water, this system is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors.

The Aquagarden Mini Pond Kit comes fully included with:

  • water pump
  • LED light
  • Expanded clay (for use as filtration/planting media in top shelf)
  • Black Pebbles
  • Multicoloured Pebbles
  • Mini pond

Dimensions: 60cm x 25.1cm

Also available in black

Mini pond kit Instruction Manual