TITAN 1500L prefabricated rectangle fish pond.

Constructed from sturdy plastic, this rectangle fish pond measures 2060mm x 1110mm x 790mm, it will hold 1500 litres of water making it a good pond for most outdoor fish including koi, goldfish, natives and turtles. If keeping koi we would recommend no more than 5 fish and a strong filtration system.

This pond is self-supporting and can be used free-standing however, if filled to the top, it might bow slightly over time. For this reason, we highly recommend digging the pond into the ground or framing it up (not to mention this adds to the aesthetic quality of your pond!).

A good Filtration system for this pond would be an OASE Filtoclear 13000 with an Aquamax 11500 pond pump. You can use 32mm UV-resistant pond tubing to connect the two units. This system would keep your water crystal clear and healthy for whatever fish you choose to stock the pond with.

The TITAN 1500L pond is for PICK UP ONLY from The Fish Works (located at 3 Myoora rd, Terrey Hills, Sydney) due to courier restrictions. However, if you are in the Sydney Metro region we are able to deliver ourselves, just give us a ring or shoot us an email and we can work out a quote for you.

Weight 70 kg