Solar automatic pond fish feeder

This automatic solar fish feeder is the perfect option for holiday goers, or even those simply without the time to dedicate to regular pond feedings.

Easily adaptable settings allow for the frequency, volume, and spread of food to be customized in order to meet individual requirements. Pellets can be set to dispense anywhere from 1 – 6 times a day with a timer of up to 20 seconds providing control over the volume dispensed. Food is distributed via a 120-degree wide-angle shute and can be set to travel a distance of 1, 2, or 3 meters in length. The 6-litre capacity barrel is adaptable to a variety of pellet shapes and sizes between 3 – 10mm.

Once charged the inbuilt lithium battery can operate for up to 3 months even in low light conditions. Alternatively, the feeder system comes equipped with an adapter charging socket allowing it to be linked to a power supply (not included) in order to run indefinitely.

This auto fish feeder is best suited to people with at least 20 goldfish or a dozen koi, because the minimum feed setting puts a decent amount of food into the pond, that could overfeed smaller amounts of fish.

model: CFF-206

grain size: 3 – 10mm

reservoir: 6L

lithium battery capcity: 2200mA

dimensions LxWxH: 275 x 252 x 420mm

optional power supply spcifications: 12 V / 1.66A / DC plug 5.5×21

Weight 2 kg


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