Submersible filtration pump with inbuilt 5 Watt UVC sterilizer.

This filter is designed for small ponds and tanks between 35 – 150L in volume. Containing both sponge filter media and an enclosed pump that supplies water to the inbuilt UVC canister, this filter is perfect for providing a clean, clear environment for all pond inhabitants. The system can also be used to oxygenate your water via an inbuilt aerator (the output of which can be adjusted using the external air valve)

This filter houses a 5 Watt UV globe that will act to clarify and sterilize the water of single-celled algae, meaning no more green water! This globe will need to be replaced every 12 months in order to ensure optimal performance.


size: 2.6″L x 2.4″W x 9.8″H

cord length: 4.7ft

flow rate: 500 L/H

Weight 1 kg