Japanese pond filter matting for sale

Finally, Japanese matting material made in black so it doesn’t stand out so much!

This piece is 100cm x 50cm x 4cm thick

Japanese filter matting, also known as koi matting is a specialised filter media for use in pond filtration systems, particularly those with koi. Japanese Matting filters out particles in the pond water, but doesn’t block up too easily like a lot of sponges can.

Dense, fibrous materials arranged in a specialized pattern make this matting provide the optimal environment for beneficial bacteria to colonize. Meaning it is providing you with both mechanical and biological filtration! These bacteria play a crucial role in biological filtration by breaking down harmful ammonia and nitrite into less toxic compounds, making your pond water safe and clean.

This matting is designed to have a massive surface area, so packed full of good bacteria to keep your pond water healthy. We highly recommend using it in conjunction with bio balls.


  1. High Surface Area: The intricate network of fibers in Japanese matting provides a large surface area for bacterial colonization. Maximizing biological filtration efficiency.
  2. Longevity: Durable and resistant to clogging, allowing for prolonged use before replacement is necessary.
  3. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning typically involves rinsing it with pond water to remove accumulated debris. Making it relatively low-maintenance compared to other filter media.
  4. Non-Toxic: Safe for use in aquatic environments and does not release harmful substances into the water.


Weight 6 kg