OASE Biopress 4000 pump and filter set

This is part of OASE’s economy range. They are robust and made to last however they are not suitable for ponds with large fish or if they require a filter system to be connected to a waterfall.

Having said that, they are great for ponds with small to medium fish up to 1000 litres maximum. For ponds approaching 1000 litres, you should consider a Biopress 6000 or ideally a Filtoclear 3000.

We will throw in a couple of 7 watt globes because you will need to change them every 12 months.

This pressure filter set consists of one Biopress pressure filter each, with integrated UVC and a matching filter/ watercourse pump with all necessary hose connections for quick assembly.

Easy filter maintenance is achieved using the cleaning function built into the filter. (OASE patented)

The filter consists of 3 different filter media to ensure clear water – all this at an extremely attractive price.

These sets are not recommended for koi ponds or heavily stocked fish ponds.

Includes OASE filter pump 1500lph, 1.9m max head, 7w UVC Suitable for decorative ponds up to 1000 litres and 500 litres with goldfish

2 years warranty

Weight 6.4 kg


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