OASE Filtoclear 19000 pond filter

The OASE Filtoclear 19000 is a UV pressure filter that is suitable for 3000 – 7000L

This filter will sit outside of your pond somewhere in your yard/garden (can be partially buried up to the lid).  A compatible pond pump situated inside your pond will pump water from the pond, into the filter and then back into the pond via two lengths of pond hose.


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Easy AND Effective backwash

Canister filters (like this one) are designed to sit outside of your pond. They have an inbuilt ‘backwash’ system to clean them.
Sometimes canister filters get a bad wrap and there is a good reason for this.  95% of them have terrible backwash systems that simply do not work well at removing the dirt from within the filter.  This means that the user needs to periodically open up the filter and squeeze the sponges with their hands, which is not a fun job!
The OASE Filtoclears are the only canister filter on the market that physically squeezes out the sponges from within the filter, without the need to open it up.
It’s very simple technology, but they put a patent on it so no other company can use it.
OASE Filtoclears are the only pressure filters on the market that can be properly cleaned in minutes. Without having to touch a drop of water!

UV Clarification

This filter has an inbuilt 42 watt UV light which prevents the growth of single-celled algae. This algae is what is responsible for your pond water turning green. Ponds that receive sunlight will often turn soupy green in colour, often UV clarification is the only way to keep water crystal clear. UV lights have the added benefit of sterilising harmful bacteria and pathogens within your pond.

These globes become ineffective after approximately 12 months so replace them annually. The Filtoclear 19000 has a small blue light on the lid that indicates when the globe is on, after 12 months your UV globe will likely remain ‘on’ however the wavelengths are no longer effective in killing algae so be sure to replace it regardless


Compatible Pumps and Hosing

This pond filter is part of the latest range from OASE. Making improvements to their already wildly successful OASE filtoclear pond filter range.
It can take increased flows of up to 13,000 litres per hour.

This pond filter will require a solids handling pond pump and would like a maximum flow going through the filter of around 13000 litres per hour.  This means that if the filter is sitting next to the pond and there is no lift after the filter, up to a waterfall, say, then the OASE Aquamax 14500 pond pump would be ideal.

If the position of your filter is more than a few metres away from the pond, or you need to pump up to a waterfall after the filter, then you will need to up the size of the pump in order to get the recommended flow going through the filter.  The pump could be could be an OASE Aquamax 17500 or even larger depending on the height of the waterfall.

You should also consider how much 50mm hose you will require (from the pump to the filter and back into the pond). We recommend using 50mm flexible pond hose or 50mm PVC during the install, but 40mm hose can also be used if need be.

Please feel free to call us to discuss what pump would be best for your pond if you are unsure!

We are always happy to assist.



OASE filtoclear 19000 specifications

Voltage: 230V

Wattage: 42W

Cable Length: 5m

Warranty: 3 years

UVC Power: 42W

Max Flow Rate: 13000LPH

Maximum pond size (no fish) 6000L – 7000L

Max pond size (goldfish) 4000L

Max pond size (koi) 3000L


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