Oase Proficlear Premium Individual Module


  1. Filtration Efficiency:
    • Utilizes deep bed filtration to 60 microns for effective particle removal.
  2. Self-Cleaning System:
    • Equipped with an intelligent controller that handles the self-cleaning process.
  3. Price/Performance Ratio:
    • Offers a first-class price/performance ratio, indicating a balance between cost and functionality.
  4. Technology and Development:
    • Incorporates mature, professional technology with more than three years of development time.
  5. Space-Saving Design:
    • Features a space-saving pump and UVC chamber for maximum flexibility in connection.
  6. Connection Flexibility:
    • Allows for flexible connections through 2 x DN110 and 2″ transitions.
  7. Filter Capacity Expansion:
    • Enables an increase in filter capacity by filling individual baskets in the flow area with additional filter media, up to 8 liters of fill volume.
  8. Bottom Drain:
    • Integrated bottom drain with a high-quality, finely engineered slide valve.
  9. Adaptability:
    • Offers flexible adaptation of the filter system to individual requirements as an individual module.
  10. Origin:
    • Described as an innovative and reliable product “Made in Germany.”


  • Net Weight: 37.000 kg
  • Guarantee: 2 years, with an option to request an additional 1-year guarantee.
  • Material: GRP Duroplast/stainless steel
  • Number of Inlets: 2 units
  • Connection Inlet: 2 x 185 mm
  • Number of Outlets: 4 units
  • Connections Outlet: 2 x 2″ / 2 x DN 110
  • Connections, Sludge Discharge: DN 75
  • Connection to: AquaMax Eco Gravity, Bitron Gravity
  • Min. Flow Rate: 10,000 l/h
  • Max. Flow Rate: 33,000 l/h
  • Installation Height Above Water Level: 11.5 cm
  • Type of Use: Gravity-fed system, Pump-fed system
  • Other: Pollutant discharge incl. slide valve