Pondmax ParaMax works as a strong preventative treatment without the need for removing filters, plants, or fish before treatments. 



Para max is a broad-spectrum treatment for a variety of fish related problems such as parasites and fungal infections such as ich, sporozoan parasites, dinoflagellate infections, and fungi.

can be used with snails/shrimp, Use if fish are scratching, flashing, jumping, or have a change in attitude. 

other signs include red irritation, white/red spots, clamped fins, not eating, lethargy, or a greyish film covering the body.

application rates 

30ml treats 227L

60ml treats up to 454L

120ml treats up to 908L

240ml treats up to 1815L


apply daily on the majority of the surface area of the pond for 7 days.





Weight 2 kg


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