Pondmax PV2800

The PondMax PV2800 submersible water feature pump is ideal for small/medium sized ponds, fountains and features.

It comes included with a PondMax #30 Fountain Kit with your choice of a diasy or bell nozzle as well as an extendable riser and various fittings, giving you full creative control.

It comes with an inbuilt flow control dial so you can control the flowrate of your fountain, turning it up or down as needed to increase (or decrease) the strength of water pumping out.

By removing the front cage you can attach a prefilter sponge to the pump as well. This is very helpful in preventing the filter from getting clogged up with sludge and providing a small amount of filtration. Check out compatible sponges HERE. Keep in mind that by attaching a prefilter sponge you can no longer manually control the flow rate of the pump. It will instead automatically pump at full capacity (2700 litres per hour).

This pump is extremely straightforward to set up, energy-efficient and comes with a 2 + 1 year warranty.


Pondmax PV2800 specifications

Max Flow: 2700l/h
Max Head: 3m
Power: 60w / 240V
Pump Dimensions: 21cm (L) x 9.8cm (W) x 11cm (H)
Cable Length: 10m
Minimum Recommended Tubing Size: 25mm
Warranty: 2 + 1 years


This pump is most suitable for use with small water fountains or features. Either by linking it to a pre-exisiting feature via a length of 25mm hose or by using the included fountain kit. You can also use it to circulate the water in your small pond and prevent it from becoming stagnant. Having a small fountain in your pond is a great way to provide oxygen to the water (any fish and plants will thank you for this!)

For any advice on choosing which pump is right for you, please dont hesitate to contact us!