The Aqua One 5 in 1 test kit is a complete pond test kit containing all of the basic parameters you need to know when maintaining an out door fish pond or aquarium.

Water health is essential to maintain a healthy tank for fish and plants.  There are many chemicals and processes that impact our water quality. Some of the most commonly (and importantly) tested include pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and KH. These parameters can fluctuate with rain, waste, food, fish, soil, etc.

We test our water multiple times a week in store as well as the water from hundreds of ponds all over Sydney using these kits. If a customer ever has issues with their pond or fish the first thing we will always do is ask that they bring a sample of water in store for us to check. Most of these issues come down to a simple case of one of these parameters being off, test kits like this allow us to identify the issue and address it quickly. The Aqua One 5 in 1 Test Kits makes all essential test monitoring easy and accurate.

Each kit comes complete to test the 5 essential water parameters to make sure that you can easily maintain a safe and healthy environment in your aquarium or fish tank. And get on top of potential issues before they become deadly!

Aqua One recommends that you test your water parameters at least once a week.

Freshwater kit tests for:
Carbonate Hardness (KH)