Aquascape Signature Series 6000 BioFalls Filter (Cannot be posted to P.O Boxes)

Filters up to 20,000 litres.

Reversal waterfall lip. Expanded surface area filter mats.

Brass hardware resists corrosion.

Circular shape provides maximum strength and makes it easy to camouflage into the landscape.

Swirling waterflow action maximizes filtration.

2 Inch Bulkhead

Size: 102cm L x 114cm W x 75cm H

Spillway: 28″ / 71cm Reversible Lip

Capacity: up to 23,000 LPH

Rate: pumps up to 56,800 LPH

Weight: 25kg


Removable upper tray

2 Poly-Flo ESA biological filter mats

Filter support rack

Patented non-cross threading screws

Reversible waterfall lip

2 x 2″ Bulkhead ports

Weight 60 kg