OASE Filtoclear 5000 pond filter

UV Pressure pond filter with first-class filter performance and special functions. Clear water guarantee: effective nutrient decomposition thanks to large filter surface area and integrated UVC clarifier for the removal of pathogens, floating algae and turbidity. All operating elements are integrated within the cover.

The filter can be sunk into the ground at ground level and blends harmoniously into any garden landscape.

Clear water guaranteed through the ideal combination of filter, pump and UVC technology

Convenient and effective backwash system.

This pond filter will require a solids handling pond pump and would like a maximum flow going through the filter of around 5000 litres per hour.  It means that is the filter is sitting next to the pond and there is no lift after the filter, up to a waterfall, say, then the OASE Aquamax 5500 pump would be ideal, or potentially the Pondmax PU5500.

If the position of your filter is more than a few metres away from the pond, or you need to pump up to a waterfall after the filter, then you will need to up the size of the pump in order to get the recommended 5000 litres per hour flow going through the filter.  The pump could be could be an OASE Aquamax 8500 or even larger depending on the height of the waterfall.

Please feel free to call us to discuss what pump would be best for your pond if you are unsure!

We are always happy to assist.

Product specifications

Power consumption: 18 Watts

Power cable length:  5 metres

Warranty: 3 years

UVC power: 18 Watt UVC globe

Connection inlet (mm): 38 / 50 mm

Connections outlet (mm):  38 / 50 mm

Connections sludge discharge (mm):  38 / 50 mm

Suitable for ponds with fish stock (m³): 2 m³

Suitable for ponds with large fish stock (m³):    1.5 m³

Weight 15 kg


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