Maximum pond volume reaches 140,000 litres with no fish, 70,000 litres with an average fish stock like goldfish, and 35,000 litres for Koi.

The system incorporates automated screening and collection to manage larger waste particles such as leaf litter and fish waste.

It comes with an LED Controller and Cleaning Sensor. This oversees all functions, along with a manual index button for user control.

Featuring a large waste collection hopper and lifting handles on the lid for easy removal. Ensuring absolute convenient maintenance.

The Double Sealed Screen Drive Motor enhances longevity. The filter box inlet is compatible with OASE Bitron 36w -110w & Bitron Eco 120 – 240w UV Clarifiers.

For optimal performance, it is ideally connected to the OASE AquaMax Eco Expert 26000 Filter Pump.