For ponds catering to wildlife up to 90,000L, goldfish habitats up to 45,000L, and Koi environments up to 22,500L

This system offers automatic cleaning features controlled by a digital LED panel and a 300-micron mesh screen.

It provides extensive biological filtration with 16 sponges: 4 Blue coarse, 6 Purple medium, and 6 Red fine.

Cleaning the filter sponges is made easy with a compression handle, and the filter includes a bottom drain with a slide gate.

Additionally, 5kg of natural Zeolite is included to absorb unwanted nutrients and gases, with the media rechargeable in salt water.

The system features a large (DN) 100mm drain outlet to facilitate a high rate of water turnover through the filtration mechanism.

For optimal performance, it is recommended to pair this system with the AquaMax Eco Premium 20000 pump and the suggested UV Bitron 110C (not provided).