Premium UVC clarifier designed to effectively eliminate suspended algae (green water) and harmful bacteria. The OASE Bitron 55W comes fully equipped with bypass technology (ensuring optimised treatment of polluted water even at flow rates of up to 30,000LPH) and individual flow adjustment allowing you to seamlessly pair the system with your existing filter pump.

 integrated magnets to protect the system from limescale deposits, while quick-release technology allows for easy bulb replacement. All bitron models are self-cleaning thanks to  OASE’s patented automatic cleaning rotor; this keeps your quartz sleeves free from debris and sludge buildup allowing your UV globes to work at full capacity.

Suitable for ponds (without fish stock) up to 60m³ (60,000L). Includes high-quality 55W UVC globe.


OASE Bitron 55W

Voltage: 220 – 240V

Wattage: 55W

UVC power: 55W

Cable length: 5m

Warranty: 2 years

Max flow rate: 30,000lph

Min flow rate: 8000lph

Connection: 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm

Suitable for ponds max: 60m³ (60,000L)

Suitable for ponds with fish stock: 30m³ (30,000L)

Suitable for ponds with koi: 15m³ (15,000L)

Weight 21 kg